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Spicy Pepper Sherry

, Jamaican Seasoning use in sauces and gravies, bloody mary and bullshotsIdeal in the preparation of stir fry dishes, this traditional Pepper Sherry has numerous applications in both classic and fusion menus. Sweet sherry infused with Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

As an addition, Busha Browne's Hot Pepper Sherry gives a dish an interesting new character. Blended with chives, watercress, steamed callaloo, dilweed, parsley, this sauce served with cold fish, shellfish or vegetables, give an absolute joy to the palate.

Jerk is a hot, spicy, uniquely Jamaican seasoning developed over centuries. Traditional jerking is a method of cooking highly spiced meat slowly in a fire-pit of pimento wood, a charcoal barbeque is a good alternative. The combination of scallions, hot peppers and aromatic spices in this product gives an unforgettable flavour to poultry, meats & fish.

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Spicy Jerk Sauce from Jamaica

To be used in the preparation of meats, poultry or seafood prior to grilling. A small amount provides a subtle addition for stews and gravies. This unique formulation can be used as marinade before cooking, added during cooking, or served at the table.
An aged sauce of prestige, this sinful blend of mangoes, raisins, onions, tamarinds, peppers and spices, adds a curiously delightful flavour to casseroles, stews , meats, poultry and seafood dishes.

An authentic Jamaican blend of herbs and spices to create the legendary hot marinade. The tradition of 'JERKING' meat is a unique Jamaican experience. Originally applied to wild boar in the 17th century, it is now an integral part of Jamaican lifestyle.

Used prudently with pork, chicken or fish - even fruits and vegetables prior to grilling, this seasoning will provide a stimulating flavour and an absolutely irresistible aroma.

All natural, Sodium free, No preservatives, Fresh vegetables and spices




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A Jamaican speciality made from a blend of smoked herring, hot peppers and seasonings. This fish paste is traditionally eaten on crackers as an appetiser. Gundy blends well with cream cheese or salsa for dips or sandwich fillings and its smoky fish flavour adds depth to seafood or pasta.

This robust pour-over sauce is a combination of coconut cream, selected spices, hot peppers and seasonings, which makes creating delicious Caribbean style chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes easy.

This is a dehydrated version of our regular seasoning that can be sprinkled on seafood, poultry, meat and vegetables. As it is highly concentrated it should be used sparingly to add zest to salsd dressings, omelettes, soups and stews.


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